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DWTEK: Advanced DMG Machinery Solutions

DWTEK - DMG Machinery Solution "Infinite in-house production solution facility"

DWTEK Hand In Advanced Machinery Solutions

Our Premiere OEM & ODM Production Facilities:

  • DMG 5 AXIS Turn & Mill Machine CTX gamma 2000 TC
  • DMG Multitasking Machine CTX beta 800

✓ Extensive Manufacturing Processes And Optimizing Processes To Increase Productivity

✓ Match With CAM Software To Perform High-Precision Surface Operation

✓ Provide The Highest Standard And Complex Components In One Machine


General Machine Highlights

Custom Manufactured to Your Specifications Without Compromising Quality

✓ DMG Turn & Mill 5 AXIS Machine CTX gamma 2000 TCC

  • Max. Turning length 2,000 mm, Max. Turning diameter 700 mm
  • Max. Main/ Counter spindle 5,000 rpm, Tool magazine: Max. 120 Stations
  • Positioning Accuracy Up To < 5 μm, Spec. cutting force 1,910 N/mm2

✓ DMG 6 AXIS Turn & Mill Machine CTX beta 800

  • Max. Turning length 750 mm, Max. Turning diameter 410 mm
  • Best Surface Roughness < 0.2 µm
  • Equipped with sub-spindle to increase the production rate

Outstanding Spec Performance

Assuring Our Clients Of Our Best Quality:

✓ High-Performance Cutting Precision & Aerospace-Grade Accuracy

✓ Excellent Automation Features & Workpiece Management

✓ Optimize Rigidity With Simulation Frequency Analysis


Our integrated manufacturing solution

As the 1st Taiwanese ROVs manufacturer, DWTEK strives to make heavy roughing work into elegant precise finishing work. We truly understand the pain points from concept to mass production. With the most efficiently accurate and precise parts with high surface quality in-house production solution facilities, the complete workpiece can be additively manufactured at the quality of the best-finished masterpieces.


Our Competitive Advantages:

  • In-House Design & Customization Service: Efficiency Communication
  • Manufacturing: Short Lead Time
  • Qualification: Completely Inspection & Quality Control Management
  • After Service: Engineer Support Globally