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DWTEK New OSV Fleet: Sunny Bright

DWTEK acquired a DP1 offshore vessel at the beginning of this year in order to meet the increasing demand for offshore wind projects. Currently, it is a Taiwanese flag and also the largest ROVSV in Taiwan.

Key feature of Sunny Bright

▪ General benefits

✓ Taiwanese flag, CR and BV certification

✓ Greener hybrid vessel

▪ Outstanding specifications

✓ LOA: 53,8m, deck area: 230m² - 5t/m²

✓ DP1

✓ Endurance days: 30 days

✓4 propulsion modes: full electrical, diesel-mechanical, diesel-electrical, and boost mode

✓ A frame, workboat davit, deck crane, fast rescue craft davit

✓ Yokohama fender, bunker hose station and container

✓ Passenger accommodation: 18 passengers, Max. 30 POB, 12 rooms room

✓ Freezer cargo reefer rooms

Service Scope

✓ Offshore support / survey / supply vessel

✓ Construction support

✓ ROV projects (containerized package, LARS and TMS setting)

✓ Intervention, offshore supporting

✓ Guarding vessel, O&M BOP vessel

✓ Cable survey and cable repair projects

✓ Buoy deployment and noise monitoring

✓ Emergency search and recovery

✓ Geo service

✓ Diving support vessel