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DWTEK Workplace Health and Safety

“To me, a loss of a diver or the hazard of any personnel in offshore operation is the misfortune of a family, but a loss of an ROV is just a cost and financial expenses.”- Douglas Chang, CEO of DWTEK. Nowadays, ROVs have replaced some divers to do investigations under the sea. 


Our CEO stated that there is zero tolerance on the HSEQ issue. Though it is a long-term and costly investment, DWTEK is never going to save a penny on this topic. We have to prevent any accidents to protect our engineers and their families. 

People are the most definite assets to any organization, and we put our employee's safety first. On July 30th, 2021, we held a Hanging Safety Instruction in our Wufung factory. Many scenarios will occur in crane operations, not just only in the factories but also will take place on the vessels. Especially when it is taken place on the sea, more uncertainty is given due to the weather and marine conditions.

In this session, our instructor, Mr. Hsieh, gave out the lecture first based on the regulations to point out the importance and dangerous concerns during the operation.

Mr. Hsieh gave a demo and then asked all the engineers to come up and role play. It is necessary to let all the engineers be aware that, every process needs to be taken care of. Engineers will equip the crane on the deck, offshore, and in the factories regarding taking up and putting the ROVs and the cable reels into the sea. They have to obtain the ability and background knowledge to operate the cranes safely.